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        A reputation for top design and service

        Source:Ringier Date:2020-09-01
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        YEARS of experience in food machinery production enables Kinn Shang Hoo Iron Works (KSH) to provide complete services and a wide selection of equipment for processing vegetable, aquatic, and meat products. In Taiwan, the company has built a reputation for its professional consultancy, top designs, in-house production, and aftersales.


        Founder Mr Hsieh-Chin-Yan who in his younger days apprenticed in food machinery, established KSH in 1953 against a backdrop of a promising Taiwan economy and a fast-developing food sector. Today, the family business is currently run by the third generation, and the name KSH has become synonymous with processing machines for aquatic and meat products, machine installation, as well as optimization. Much of its success can be attributed to the machinery design foundation set by Mr Hsieh, and the culture of productiveness he instilled among his employees.

        KINN SHANG HOO-Hsieh Chin-Yan-founder.jpg

         Mr Hsieh-Chin-Yan, founder Kinn Shang Hoo Iron Works

        Services the meet customers’ requirements

        Being in the business for 67 years is also a clear advantage for KSH as it has been able to develop a strong relationship with players both locally and abroad. Thus, KSH maintains that the humble success of its business comes in truly understanding what’s important for manufacturers, says Sharon Wang, manager at KSH. “If we know more about what the customer wants, we can provide more professional advice,” she says.


        “In this industry, we are famous not only for our food processing machinery, but also for our professional consultation and prompt customer service,” says Ms Wang.  “Our customization on design and production satisfy the demand of our customers. They include material treatment, production line plan, production procedures optimization, and new product development.”


        This coupled with a strong R&D background has given rise to a diverse range of KSH machines and product lines that meet both industry standards as well as customers’ requirements.


        Careful technical research on food processing techniques goes into every machine the comes out of the KSH factory. “For instance, how do we know a mixer would also be an effective seasoning implement during the mixing process? It’s because KSH has been in this business for many years,” she says. “We receive an excellent satisfaction evaluation from customers and have also established the market share in food machinery industry.”


        A growing portfolio

        KSH’s wealth of technical knowledge puts emphasis on food safety and hygiene, efficient processing, and cost-effective production. Aside from these, convenience, clean in place, safety and ease of operation are standard features, according to Ms Wang.


        The company also stresses the benefits of automating production to reduce labor and production costs. As a result, it has built an extensive portfolio that includes machines for boiling, cutting,/slicing, mixing and seasoning, drying, mincing, blending, smashing, shaping, oven, cooling, gathering, dehydrating, vacuum packing, as well as product line implements for aquatic processing of fish balls, and fish floss, and product line implements for processing meat balls, meat floss, jerky, and sausages.  



        The KUP-120 is a universal mixer and seasoning machine

        The KUP-120 is a universal mixer and seasoning machine ideal even for small and medium-size companies. This versatile model is used for mixing rice, noodles, and vegetables; for drying products like peanuts, sesame, coffee beans, and biscuits; for seasoning food with sauces, salt and other condiments; and for mixing other foods such as row-su (meat floss), and yu-su (fish floss). The machine runs on gas and features a safe alarm to prevent burnout.

        KSH also offers the FA-300 hydraulic high-speed blender with functions for smashing meat for fish or meat balls, and for mixing any kind of food or even non-food products.


        The FA-300 hydraulic blender

        To ensure utmost product quality, all machines are 99% manufactured in-house. “With the exception of some imported parts and materials, the design, production and installation of machines are finished in Taiwan. And to meet the demand of customers, we provide the plan for the product line in central kitchens or small and medium-size factories,” according to Ms Wang. If any machine issues arise, these are easily resolved by professional engineers, and the most suitable solutions are offered also by video or film presentations.  


        With its knowledge in design and manufacture of food machines, KSH looks forward to more projects with clients in line with the changing trends in the global industry.


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