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      Arburg expands Allrounder series

      Source:Plastics News Asia     Date:2020-09-28
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      With the Allrounder 1300 T, Arburg is significantly expanding its range of vertical rotary table machines to include a 1,300-millimitre table diameter option. Compared to its predecessor, the 1200 T, this new machine offers more space for heavier moulds – and with a significantly reduced installation area.


      Arburg offers a wide range of vertical V and T-series Allrounders for manual and automated loading and unloading tasks. The rotary table machines can be automated all the way through to complete turnkey systems. The new Allrounder 1300 T has been further developed on the basis of the proven Allrounder 1200 T.


      As with its size 1600 T big brother, many of the Allrounder 1300 T’s components have been optimised in terms of installation area, weight and ergonomics. And the clamping unit, machine base, and control cabinet have been redesigned in the process. Compared to the Allrounder 1200 T, the new machine features a 10% smaller footprint and installation height. The table diameter is now 100 millimetres larger, while the ergonomic table and working height is around five percent lower at 950 millimetres. The mould mounting surface has been increased by 15% and the up to 100 kilograms higher mould weight per mould half corresponds to a 25%  increase. The re-engineered cable routing and easily accessible media connections allow a quick and easy set-up.

      ARBURG_174471 Allrounder 1300T web.jpg


      The Allrounder 1300 T is the first rotary table machine to be equipped with the Selogica ND control system as standard, making it particularly convenient to operate. Clamping forces of 1,000 and 1,600 kN and injection units in sizes 70 to 400 or 800 are available.


      The rotary tables are generally servo-electrically driven and therefore operate with particular speed and precision. Two-circuit pump technology ensures simultaneous movements for the ergonomic overmoulding of inserts. To ensure reliable operation, the Allrounder T machines are equipped as standard with an ergonomic efficiency package including a combined vertical and horizontal light curtain.


      Full range of vertical machines

      Arburg offers the widest range of vertical injection moulding systems in the industry. In addition to the T series, these include the Allrounder V with clamping forces from 125 to 500 kN, whose vertical free-space system provides unimpeded access to the mould. The vertical injection moulding machines from Arburg are suitable for both manual and automated loading and unloading tasks, and can be automated all the way through to complete turnkey systems. The robotic systems are integrated into the production cell’s control system. The vertical MultIift V 15 comes, for example, with a design tailored to the rotary turntable machine and integrated into its footprint to save space.


      Like all Allrounders, the vertical machines are also modular in design and offer a variety of clamping-force and injection-unit combinations. Special equipment is available for multi-component, thermoset or silicone processing.



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