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        MCC Verstraete appoints new managing director

        Source:Verstraete Date:2020-08-26
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        Since Verstraete IML was founded in 1974, it has always been led by Verstraete family members. In 2017, the company became part of Multi-Color Corporation. Along with this changeover, a lot of new market opportunities, challenges and partnerships came up. Now that the company is put on rails within MCC and it is ready for a bright future under the MCC flag, Managing Directors Koen and Griet Verstraete feel the time is right to pass on the torch.


        From 1 September 2020, Peter Grugeon will be in charge of the daily operations, supported by a committed management team, as announced by Koen Verstraete.

        Verstraete .jpg

        Mr. Peter Grugeon 

        Peter Grugeon has a master’s degree in bio-engineering. He’s a people oriented industry executive with broad international experience. Throughout his career, he gained a strong operational background and commercial experience as managing director both in Belgium and the US.  


        As the new Managing Director at MCC Verstraete, he will lead the IML business unit within Multi-Color Corporation and represent the company in MCC's Global Executive Management.



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