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        NIR spectroscopy solution for coffee roasters

        Source:trinamiX Date:2020-09-04
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        Wholly-owned subsidiary of BASF, trinamiX offers coffee roasters the opportunity to better monitor and control the purchasing and refining process of coffee beans.


        Many factors influence the roasting result and thus the coffee experience. This includes variety, growing area, quality class, but also storage, transport and numerous processing and refinement steps. The caffeine content and degree of moisture content of the beans are particularly interesting – they can be determined quickly and easily with the mobile near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy solution from trinamiX.

        With the help of the combination of a handy measuring device, 

        intelligent data analysis and the mobile app, the caffeine and 

        moisture content of coffee beans can be precisely determined.


        Mobile NIR spectroscopy enables small roasters to carry out professional analyses on site

        The determination of the caffeine content and the residual moisture is subject to a complex analytical process. Unlike large roasting companies, small businesses that want to determine the respective content in their creations cannot use their own laboratory capacities.


        "With the NIR spectroscopy solution from trinamiX, I have significantly more options to ensure the quality of the coffee," explains Dr. Steffen Schwarz, renowned coffee expert and founder of the coffee training and research centre Coffee Consulate. 

        “For example, the residual moisture can be measured quickly and easily and the roasting profile adjusted accordingly. The information about the caffeine content enables the roaster to fine-tune his coffee composition to different taste profiles. 


        Quality assurance and customer requirements are the focus of 

        the mobile near-infrared spectroscopy solution from trinamiX

        Better quality control along the supply chain, too 

        The area of application of NIR spectroscopy is not limited to roasting. With appropriate measurements, the moisture in the beans can be documented and tracked throughout the entire supply chain – from harvest to transport to storage. In this way, critical phases can be observed precisely and countermeasures taken in good time. "A high-water content not only means high weight with a lower yield, but also involves the risk of mold," explains Patrick Hellberg, Manager Business Development Spectroscopy Solutions at trinamiX. "With our technology, dealers and warehouse clerks can quickly measure on site how much moisture is in the product and thus plan more precisely."

        In the future, further parameters are to be added to the NIR spectroscopy solution. "We are currently working on making it possible to determine the acid content and helping roasters to offer more digestible coffee," says Patrick Hellberg. "Together with Dr. Schwarz as experts, we are expanding our processes even further in order to provide our customers with even better support in the future. "

        For more information, check out this video (in German) about the application of the mobile NIR spectroscopy solution from trinamiX in the coffee industry:


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