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      Tetra Pak white paper on food safety and industry 4.0

      Source:Tetra Pak     Date:2020-09-28
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      Tetra Pak has released a whitepaper on food safety and Industry 4.0. The report offers food manufacturers help in how to meet food safety challenges. It shares insights on some of the practical ways to prevent food safety issues and detect problems before they occur through digital technologies.

      robot-arm-tetra pak.jpg

      Robotic arm (Photo: Tetra Pak)

      Alex Bromage, Global Senior Food Safety and Quality Manager at Tetra Pak said, “It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach but working together as an industry with partners, there are opportunities to transform and to meet challenges of the rapidly changing world of the future.The most obvious food safety challenge that the industry is currently facing is COVID-19. More generally, the key trend we are seeing globally is the increase in retailer and consumer demand on food safety, food quality and transparency on where products are coming from. As consumers become more educated about their food, they are seeking greater assurance from brands that what they are consuming is what they expect. Whilst this challenge has existed for some time, it is no longer in the periphery and is fully in the mainstream of consumer behaviour.”


      COVID-19 is the most obvious food safety challenge, says Alex Bromage, Global Senior Food Safety and Quality Manager, Tetra Pak (Photo: Tetra Pak) 


      “We are seeing smart technologies that not only solve food safety and quality challenges of today but can also predict challenges in a rapidly changing world. There are quite a few emerging technologies that can help find solutions. We see some exciting and experimental work being done on new platforms for testing that, if driven forward in the right direction and then integrated into the manufacturing systems, will offer significant improvements” concludes Bromage.


      Read more and download white paper A spotlight on food safety and industry. 4.0


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