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      BASF launches Infinergy

      Source:Plastics News Asia Date:2020-09-08
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      BASF has launched a new brand strategy, “Empowering Movement,” that presents Infinergy? – its expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU) – with a refreshed brand identity portraying the power of movement. BASF also introduced a state-of-the-art virtual showroom, which showcases Infinergy’s diverse applications and properties.


      “Infinergy has always been synonymous with innovation, pushing the boundaries of chemistry to enhance inventions, such as Dunlop rackets, Adidas Boost shoes, and Ergon Saddles. The new brand identity embodies Infinergy’s brand promise, as well as its evolution from being the world’s first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU), to being a leader in the high-performance material solutions segment,” said Dr. Jens P. Dierssen, Global Business Management, Infinergy. “Through the ‘Empowering Movement’ strategy, we want to connect with brands and their customers, and spark an engaging dialog on how Infinergy can help unlock design potential.”



      Bold new image for “Change Makers” and “Go-Getters”

      With its italicized fonts signifying movement, Infinergy’s refreshed brand image evokes a feeling of energy and empowerment with its positivity and velocity. The letter “e” is deliberately modeled after the Infinergy E-TPU bead, while the arrow within the “e” represents the endless performance benefits the material provides with regards to responsiveness, comfort, and durability. 


      “The new brand strategy targets two main audiences: Change Makers and Go-Getters. ‘Change Makers’ are those entrepreneurs and engineers that focus on creating industry-defining products that move the world forward, and ‘Go-Getters’ are consumers that enjoy the products empowered by Infinergy, such as bike saddles, rackets, tires, or sports flooring. This strategy demonstrates how the Infinergy brand empowers our customers to move to the next level,” added Dierssen.


      Virtual showroom for ideation and co-creation

      Inspired by the unique shape and infrastructure of the Infinergy bead, the showroom comprises three areas:


      • Identity Area – Presenting the new branding philosophy, this area helps visitors understand how Infinergy empowers movement primarily in three main sectors – footwear, sports and leisure, and flooring.


      • Showroom Area – Showcasing successful projects with key partners and customers, such as Maincal, the South American brand, for the launch of its latest Voran line of safety shoes and other renowned brands, such as Elten and U-Power


      • Resource Area – Knowledge area that allows the audience to understand new Infinergy innovations, such as the recently launched black beads and mini beads


      BASF’s Infinergy has been the bedrock behind some of our customers’ leading innovations ranging from footwear to tennis rackets since it was introduced to the market in 2013. Today, millions of customers can feel the power of Infinergy in high-performance products in some of the most demanding applications, by delivering superior energy return and responsiveness compared to conventional materials.


      For more information, visit: infinergy.basf.cominfinergy-virtualshowroom.com


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