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      Foshan Best Extrusion to hold Open House

      Source:Ringier Events     Date:2020-09-10
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      Multi-layer blown film extrusion systems are creating a big difference in today’s specialty film production. As a complex production process, multi-layer film extrusion requires machines that guarantee top performance while being cost-efficient.


      In this area, Foshan Best Extrusion Tech. Co., Ltd has the competitive advantage of providing advanced blown film extrusion machinery that meet today’s market demands for plastic films. Established in 2008, this comprehensive enterprise has been specializing in research, production and selling of all kinds of plastic extrusion machinery. Its senior employees have been engaged in this field for over 20 years, thus acquiring the vast expertise in film extrusion processes and serving well-known companies around the world.


      Foshan Best Extrusion Tech is set to demonstrate its latest model – the 2.5m 5-layer POD Blown Film Line live in an Open House scheduled on September 17, from 2:00-3:00 p.m. (GMT+8).  The Open House features a live stream of the demonstration of the company’s latest machine plus discussion on its many benefits.

      Best Extrusion.jpg


      In a bid to provide its customers with the highest price performance ratio ever from a blown film extrusion equipment in the flexible film converting market, Foshan Best Extrusion Tech’s 2.5m 5-layer POD blown film line is designed for collation shrink and stretch hood film up to 2.4m lay flat at 800 kg/h output maximum.


      This new model features Doteco’s Doetexa Manager for the complete line control and Grado Adroit 4-comp batch blender. The extruder comes with spiral feed section barrel, 32:1 LD barrier screw and servo motor for low melt temperature, high output and energy saving. There are two 60mm, two 75mm and one 90mm extruders. It is also equipped with a 400mm low profile spiral mandrel die with binary melt distribution and 400mm triple lip autoprofile air ring; while the autoprofile control is done with 108 pin heater via Doteco’s Protune and Kundig’s K-500 Rotomatc scanner. Doteco’s Kalibro IBC controls bubble stability and layflat.


      The model also comes with an oscillating horizontal haul-off system with servo driven primary nip and S-Warp chill roller, carbon fiber roller collapsing frame and motorized wood gusset board, as well as an E+L central web guide and double side corona treater. Another important feature is the fully automatic central surface winder with gap winding mode, along with a 9” Siemens color touch screen HMI, S7-1200C PLC, servo motor driven surface and central winding, taper tension control, linear layon pressure control, automatic indexing, flying knife film cut over and airshaft convey.  All these specifications work well together to ensure smooth, reliable and cost-efficient operation.


      Foshan Best Extrusion Tech. has been keeping its rigorous and reliable design and standardization manufacturing process to meet the high-end standards of its customers. It provides high quality equipment and parts, and good after-sales services for customers around the world. 


      To register for free: https://ringierevents.clickmeeting.com/917415657/register



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