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      New appointment at Nordson

      Source:Plastics News Asia Date:2020-09-11
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      Chew Yew Kwong has joined Nordson Corporation’s Polymer Processing Systems (PPS) business as general sales manager in Asia for Xaloy? extrusion and injection molding components.


      Mr. Chew will be responsible for sales of Xaloy screws, barrels, and front end components. He will coordinate with other Nordson teams to serve customers ordering multiple PPS products.  

      Chew Yew Kwong web.jpg

      Mr. Chew Yew Kwong


      “Chew Yew Kwong has more than twenty years of experience in international sales and operations management,” said Teong HK, vice president of PPS Asia. “His polymer industry knowledge and management expertise will be a valuable addition to our mission of providing excellent support to customers throughout Asia.”


      Mr. Chew comes to Nordson from Scientex Benhad, where he served for six years as general manager of corporate planning and communications, as well as international business. Previously he spent six years with Gloucester Engineering Company as Asia-Pacific sales director. He began his career in the industrial equipment field in 1998.


      The company’s Asia manufacturing facility for Xaloy products is located in Chonburi, Thailand.



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