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        Welcome To Industrysourcing

        Basic Information

        Company Name:Maguire Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

        Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

        Business Model:

        Area:1203, Tower B, Eton Place, 555 Pu Dong Avenue, Shanghai

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        Contact Person:Marshall Guo



        LowPro Conveying System

        ProductCategory: Origin: Brand: MAGUIRE Minimum order:1 Type of payment:Advance payment Delivery Period:6-15 weeks


        Self controlling, extremely compact receiver at up to 80% lower than traditional receivers.
        ?Low Profile design. Ideal for low headroom applications and standalone solutions for 3 or 4 materials.
        ?Low centre of gravity minimizes effects of vibration from fast-cycling processing machines.
        ?Same capacity, yet 80% lower.
        ?Automatic filter cleaning. Patented “air blast” design.
        ?Simplified maintenance. Removable module allows for quick, on-the-fly cleaning and maintenance.
        ?Autonomous control. User-friendly set time button. No separate control required to operate multiple receiver, just set load time.
        ?Receivers poll for vacuum taking vacuum and loading when free.
        ?Efficient material flow.
        ?User-friendly side access. All points of access in one easy to access point on side of receiver.

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