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      Welcome To Industrysourcing

      Basic Information

      Company Name:Technical Absorbents Ltd

      Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

      Business Model:

      Area:1 Moody Lane, Great Coates

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      SAF™ Needlefelt Fabrics

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      SAF? needlefelt fabrics are capable of absorbing many times their own weight in water/saline. These fabrics are more robust than others within our range. They offer greater strength and integrity due to the nature of mechanical bonding (needling) used during manufacture. They are generally denser than our other fabrics, but still offer the same great levels of absorption.

      Customer Service

      [1] SAF? long staple fibre grades (52 mm) are typically blended with other synthetic fibres to manufacture SAF? needlefelt fabrics.

      [2]Webs containing up to 80% SAF? can be produced at a wide range of fabric weights, typically between 150-1,000gsm. Laminates and other finishes are also possible.

      [3] Fibres, Fabrics and Yarns available

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