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      Welcome To Industrysourcing

      Basic Information

      Company Name:Technical Absorbents Ltd

      Time Of Establishment:1970-01-01

      Business Model:

      Area:1 Moody Lane, Great Coates

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      SAF™ Washable Fabrics

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      SAF? Washable fabrics provide the same high levels of absorbency as our disposable fabrics but can be washed and re-used. This makes them ideal for washable hygiene applications, including intimate wear and bed-mats, and also functional apparel.

      To withstand laundering, the SAF? Washable fabric must be positioned between two outer layers, thus creating a three-layer fabric. The outer fabrics can be tailored as required to suit product design and functional requirement, e.g. one layer can be waterproof and the other water permeable. Once in a final fabric construction, studies have indicated minimal absorbency loss of 20% after 40 wash cycles.

      Customer Service

      [1] The range includes total weight, core weight and outer facing variants. Anti-microbial, flame retardant and anti-odour finishes can also be added during the manufacturing process.

      [2] The fabrics range from 190-450gsm and are typically a blend of SAF? and other synthetic fibres.

      [3] Fibres, Fabrics and Yarns available

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