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      Welcome To Industrysourcing

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      Company Name:Technical Absorbents Ltd

      Business Model:

      Area: 1 Moody Lane, Great Coates
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      • A World of Excellence in Superabsorbents

        Since inception in 1993, our core business has been the manufacture of Super Absorbent Fibre (SAF?) at ourU.K.production site. We have also developed a wide range of SAF? based nonwoven fabrics and yarns, which we can supply directly, leveraging the cost benefits of our vertical integration, or via one of our toll converters.

        As a result, we have carved a unique position for ourselves as a superabsorbents solutions provider and our wide range of super absorbent technologies are suitable for a variety of absorbent applications in a number of new and established markets – Hygiene, Medical, Cable, Food packaging,  Apparel, Horticulture, Filtration.

        A bespoke service

        We are proud to be able to develop bespoke products to exactly match customer needs. To aid this we can use our own needlefelt machine (where applicable) for development activities, we can offer exclusivity on bespoke materials and we can establish long term product development programs for Generation1, 2 and 3 products.

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        Major Business Main Products
        Email Company Website www.exploreSAF.com
        Fax Company Address 1 Moody Lane, Great Coates

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